Since 2008, I have worked as part of an architectural staff and as an Architect for various companies from construction firms, furniture dealers, property developers, to one of the biggest architectural firms in the country.

In all my years in the business, I have never been this contented with an employer as Studio West.  It’s the most employee-centric company I’ve worked for, always prioritizing its employees’ best interests. It has everything from work/life balance, a better compensation package compared to local firms, a generous HMO and health package, and most importantly, a fun and lively working environment.

Thomas F. GumiranDesign Supervisor

Need a test fit of three floors by 8AM?  Done….  Need three versions of this test fit?  Done….

Studio West has provided our team the flexibility and speed necessary to exceed our clients expectations.

Director of Design, San Francisco, California

SW Account Coordinators are deadline driven.

SW AC’s have great time management skills

SW AC’s are task driven

SW AC’s are proficient at routine task with little to no errors

Sales Support Supervisor, Sta. Clara, California

I really enjoy working with Studio West.  They are very thorough, detailed and organized.  They have actually helped me create standards for our customer and I have learned some tips and tricks from them.  The turnaround time for spec checking and proposed drawings has been exceptional.  This has turned out to be a great partnership. 

Designer, Sacramento Ca

I have truly enjoyed working with Studio West over the past two years. They are extremely detailed, organized, and their communication throughout the design process is outstanding. Their deliverables are beautiful, accurate, and on time if not ahead of schedule. We have learned so much from our team at Studio West, this is helping us refine our internal processes here as well. This has developed into an amazing partnership! 

Director of Design, Sacramento Ca

Ruvelyn is fantastic and attentive. She is great at anticipating my needs and doesn’t hesitate to jump in and offer help without being asked.

Account Coordinator, Oakland, California

Studio West has been great for us! As a business partner, they have been so supportive of our growth, and are able to help us make decisions based on very helpful metrics they have around our usage. They always want to know how they can work with us better, and have been so open to learning our industry and processes. Best of all, their people are very pleasant to work with!

Business Operations Manager, San Francisco, California

Studio West has become a great partner for my group. The support is valued and appreciated by our San Francisco Team. Thank you for all you do!!  

Sales Support Supervisor, San Francisco, California

My experience with Studio West has been very positive.  When Bea and Elsa start a project, they thoroughly examine all of the information provided and ask very good questions.  I feel like they really care about the project and are a part of our team.  Studio West has been a valuable asset to our design department to meet impossible deadlines and provide our sales team with presentations and drawings that are professional.  I look forward to continuing our relationship with Studio West. 

Project Designer, Gaithersburg, Maryland

It’s always a pleasure to work with the exceptional and talented designers at StudioWest. They are knowledgeable, friendly and put their hearts into every project they deliver. 

Design Lead, Santa Clara, California