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Who we are

We provide space planning and office furniture specification services for U.S. based firms representing the leading office furniture, flooring and wall manufacturers. Our dedicated team become an extension of our client's business, offloading some of the business support functions and allowing them to focus more on their competitive advantage.

What we do

space planning and design

We help design and plan workspaces by recommending furniture, color scheme, and finishes based on customer requirements.

Drawing, rendering and animation

We create 2D/3D CAD drawings of the furniture and office layout. We also create photorealistic renderings to better visualize a proposed design.

furniture specification and audit

We specify furniture size, options, and finishes as selected by the customer. We also audit the furniture specification to ensure it complies with customer requirements.

Back office support

We support the entire fulfillment process from quoting the spec to ordering the product to delivery and installation.


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